Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st half of August 2009

Well, let's actually start back in July. The last week of July was really interesting. We had Vacation Bible School at St. James, and not only was I up to my neck in it, but also my husband and two of our sons. It was St. Paul and the Underground Church in ancient Rome. We had so much fun with it, that we might just do the exact same one (with our own innovations) next year. We'll see.
August started off with a writers' group meeting at Queen Elizabeth Park. Only three of us actually turned up, but it was interesting and helpful, IMHO. Unfortunately, I never think of sunblock, and so got baked to a crisp! One night of discomfort, eased with cucumber slices on my face, and it was only a memory. Tough skinned cookie, that's me.
Two weekends away: one at Rivendell Retreat Centre, on Bowen Island--our retreat in preparation for my husband's profession into the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis. I had my profession (with preceding retreat and confession) in May of this year. The only difference for my husband's profession was that I got to officiate, having been given permission because I was professed.
The second weekend away was our annual family picnic in Penticton this past weekend. Members of our (deceased) eldest son's family were conspicuous by their absence. No one's fault, just hard to get everyone together all on the same weekend. We have to make a more concentrated effort next year to see that each of our children's family has at least one adult representative at the picnic. We also try to get together at Epiphany (in January). This year we have had the two extra "reunions", those being the TSSF professions. I think we've seen more of each other this year so far than in many years in the past. So, no complaints.

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