Friday, August 28, 2009

hotel experience never-to-be-repeated

The manager of the Penticton Sandman phoned me again today. Not surprisingly, he offered me a gift certificate for a free night at the same hotel. I told him that the experience had left a nasty taste in my mouth and I doubted if I'd use the certificate. I suggested a simple partial refund, but he said he was unable to do that, but that he would send me the certificate anyway. "Maybe you can give it to a friend." But I said I wouldn't inflict that on a friend. Anyway, I guess the certificate is coming.
One word of comfort was that the staff had a meeting on the issue, with two answers. The first is that they will monitor the bookings that come from Expedia and other similar booking agencies to see what exactly was booked, so the reservation can be entered on the local computer and guests won't be stuck with "whatever" when they arrive. The other condition that caused my unfortunate experience was that some guests who were supposed to leave, actually extended their stay and the staff didn't know how to handle it. Henceforth, new guests (pre-booked) will be given priority over those who just don't want to leave.
I cannot stress enough, though, that the staff of this hotel have infinite patience and courtesy. And that I do appreciate.

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