Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hotel experience never-to-be-repeated

When you book into a hotel, do you expect a bed? Actually, I don't care what else there is. They can keep their television and coffee making stuff, although I do usually make use of both. I don't miss them if they aren't there. I don't even mind if the biffy is down the hall. The hotels I stayed in in Europe last year lacked all those amenities, in fact. I hardly noticed. Because I always got a bed.
But on Friday, August 14th, my husband and I booked into the Penticton Sandman and I experienced the most intolerable situation I've ever seen in any hotel. My husband had tried to get us into the two or three hotels we've stayed at in on other occasions. Unfortunately, all were full. So, after a long search, he found a vacancy at Sandman, so he booked and prepaid online. That was on June 22nd, for our August 14th arrival.
At the desk, I handed over the printout that said we were registered there, and there was no problem. The printout stated clearly that we were booked into a room with twin beds. (For various medical reasons, I need a separate bed.) When we got to the room, we found that there was only ONE bed. For some odd reason, we had a fridge and stove "kitchenette". But only ONE bed. I immediately went back to the desk and said there was a mistake. But no. There was no other accommodation. (Prepaid reservations, notwithstanding!) So, I asked, could I have a cot brought in? No. There were no cots. After some time, it was finally conceded that I WOULD HAVE TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR! So, on the nights of August 14th and 15th, I--at age 70 (I'll be 71 next month)--I slept on the floor in a hotel! I did take a photo, but it'll be a while before I get a chance to scan it into the computer. I'll post it here (and on Facebook) as soon as I can. I think everyone needs to know, that just because you've booked AND PREPAID, doesn't mean you'll get what you paid for.
Last year I stayed in a total of 11 hotels, and over my lifetime I've stayed in hotels as far east as Moscow,USSR (1975), as far south as Mexico, and as far north as Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Never before have I been given a room but refused a bed. AND, by the way, had to pay over $100 a night for the privilege.
To their CREDIT: the staff at the hotel never lost their courteous attitude. I think they were embarrassed by the situation. For our third and last night of stay at the Sandman, we were moved to the room next door (rm 212 to rm 210) and we had our twin beds. That was, after all, all I wanted.

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