Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hotel experience never-to-be-repeated

The manager of the Penticton Sandman sent me an email today, and later phoned while I was out. I don't know what he can do. I don't want a free stay in any Sandman, because I'm sure I'll never go into one again. As I said before, there is no fault in the staff. And the hotel itself was adequate (although lack of internet access is a bit 20th century in this third millennium). Their booking arrangements are inadequate. Apparently, just because you've registered online does not mean that the hotel has the information. So, prepaid booking online is not registration in the Sandman hotel. I guess direct contact with the manager of the hotel in question, and written confirmation of an actual room number, is necessary. I had the confirmation of the booking from the booking agency, which clearly stated it was for a twin-bed room, but the hotel did not have this information. If prepaid booking does not equate registration, what is it? Kinda useless, eh? Last year I travelled in Italy & the UK, and prebooked in at least four of the hotels I stayed in, although I didn't prepay. I had a bed in each of all four hotels.

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