Thursday, December 1, 2011

advice 12

Hyatt talks about emotional challenges, and suggests readers would be interested in seeing the real person behind the pen (or computer screen).  He says to blog about times when the author has felt inadequate, stuck, overwhelmed, disppointed, and how these feelings were dealt with.  That's a lot like the advice 11, obstacles.  Feeling inadequate comes all the time.  I read other books in the genres that interest me, and I say I could do that--but deeper down I doubt it.  So I read more, study more, write more, and keep trying to do better.  Stuck--that's like "writer's block", I guess.  I discussed that in advice 11.  Overwhelmed?  I can only imagine that that's more likely to come with success, and the publisher wants the author to come up with another book right away, oh--and by the way--how about doing this, that, and the other to market the book, and maybe do a few revisions to make the book a few hundred words shorter or longer or whatever!  Oh, and could you add a little more humour here and there?  (like it's salt and pepper).  I'd definitely feel overwhelmed then, and would be seeking advice from Michael Hyatt's followers.  How to deal with disappointment?  First cry, then get angry, then eat candy (or better still, go to the gym and beat the *** out of the disappointing event), then start a new project.  When you're feeling better, go back and improve the work that brought the disappointment and make it better and send it out again.

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