Wednesday, December 21, 2011

an article about me

It's not often that I get to read an article about myself, but in the current issue of the newsletter for the Dept. of Linguistics at UBC, there is one.  (You have to scroll down to page 12.)  There are a couple of minor inaccuracies, but nothing serious.  It's not easy to take notes during a conversation and get everything 100%, but Dr. Penelope Bacsfalvi did as good a job as any.  (I hope I spelled her name correctly, it's hard to read such small print.)  Then, as the articles says you can find links to some of my publications in this blog, I've added the four that are in children's magazines:  "Vancouver at Hand" in FACES, I think that was May 2002; "Henry Kelsey, Boy Explorer" in FACES in 2003, maybe; and "A Tale of Three Rivers" in FACES in 2004.  Also in 2004 was "The Pink Bits" a board game published in CALLIOPE.  These magazines are all Cobblestone Publications.

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