Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's Christmas Eve, early afternoon.  We have no tree, no decorations besides our Advent candles, and have no plans to prepare for tomorrow besides go to church this evening.  And I, for one, like it this way.  I suspect the rest of my family would like to see things the way they were years ago: house decorated inside and out, Xmas music playing, lights twinkling, presents wrapped and heaped under the tree.  Christmas Eve, I would have baked a tourtiere, and maybe some shortbread, bought Xmas cake, and had stockings all stuffed so that when our family (kids, their spouses, grandkids) would come over after midnight Mass, we'd open stockings and feast until wee hours.  Then, most would stay overnight and we'd do the usual present thing and brunch, etc., on Christmas morning--burning the wrappings in the fireplace, trying not to set the house on fire.
Now, even the fireplace is sealed up to avoid heat going up the chimney, and to avoid burning the place down with burning paper.  Our kids have their own Christmases in their own homes in their own ways, and our house is quiet.  One concession:  this afternoon I plan to make tourtiere again--that's all.  It will be our supper when we get home from church.  We're going to the 8pm service at the cathedral.  That will be our Christmas this year.  Peaceful and filled with quiet joy.  May your Christmas be just the way you want it.

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