Saturday, February 7, 2009

Easier said than done

This past week has been very busy and next week promises to be more so. Some of the time was spent with a sick friend, so was time well spent. The rest of the time was mostly busy-ness. It all started in December, during the snow and icy cold, when some of our electrical heat went out, and my dear hubby had to try to find the problem and fix them. That didn't involve me much, but he has so much pain while he's doing physical work that I suffer along with him. That job was ALMOST done, when a water pipe burst in the basement and a kitchen sink there was in serious trouble. The snow in the driveway and side streets made getting parts for repairs difficult if not impossible most of the time. The job is not quite done yet, because not only the pipe had to be fixed (replaced, of course) but the entire kitchen cabinet had to go. We got a new one, and he installed it. Easier said than done. Because it was for the basement, we didn't go all out and get the best to be had. Instead, we got a damaged one for a discount. That means more work. Still didn't have a counter top for it. They were very expensive and didn't come in the size we needed. So, Frank made the top and we tiled it. Still not quite done--needs grouting and sealing and some touching up. Then the sink can be connected. Easier said than done.

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