Saturday, February 7, 2009


Other writing is for the new publication for St. James church: Pax. I've been assigned to write a 600-700 word article on Latino Lunches that take place in the crypt on Thursday mornings. So I've contacted the woman who is in charge of them, interviewed her last Thursday, and enjoyed one of their lunches. Now, the article is almost done. But I have another assignment as well, to write a 250 word piece on one of the ministries in the church--haven't decided which one yet. Oh yes...the deadline is tomorrow. (Good thing I have a secret extension!)

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Loretta said...

Lunch in the crypt sounds extremely interesting...I was in an ancient crypt in the Netherlands, in Maastricht. The crypt belonged to St Servass. I'll never forget it. I even blogged about it; it's in my July 2007 archives for July 30 if you're interested with photos which I just added.