Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 in review, sort of

It's Christmas Eve, and quite different from last year! Thank God! No snow this year, so we'll be able to go to Midnight Mass. At 10pm, it's a bit early for Midnight, but that's okay. And today is a bit early to think of the end of the year 2009, by about a week.
I looked at last year's blogs for this time of year and was reminded of having to miss Mass. Also reminded of my resolutions!!! hahaha! (or should that be, hohoho?) I was supposed to practise the organ every day. Don't remember the last time I even touched the organ! Also, I was supposed to track my reading. Didn't do that, either! BUT...I have brought music back into my life, even to the extent of volunteering to sing with the St. Thomas choir at the seniors' home last Sunday. (I had actually given up all singing, and even listening to music, for a couple of years, because it made me cry. Over that now--for the most part.) As for the reading part, I've done more reading this year, I think. But no tracking of it. It might be useful. Anyway, I have a week to think about new New Year's resolutions, and I'm pretty sure they'll be different this year. That organ practice seems like a good idea, though.

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