Saturday, December 19, 2009

submitting mss

Every publisher has a different set of hoops for authors to jump through when submitting mss. On the surface, it looks like they all want the same thing: cover letter, sample chapters, synopsis, and SASE. But some want it by email, others want only hard copies. Some want one chapter, some want two, or three, or "at least three" or the whole thing or definitely not the whole thing. Most want a synopsis (or outline). A few want a resume. Fewer still want a bibliography for non-fiction or historical fiction. Some publishers sound really chatty and seem to encourage authors to tell their whole life story, others want "just the facts" relevant to the ms being submitted. Some won't take simultaneous submissions, some don't mention them and maybe assume that authors will submit to other publishers anyway. Then there's the question about multiple submissions. What are they? Well, I learned recently that some authors are so prolific that they might actually submit more than one manuscript to one publisher. Now, I do have more than one ms that I could submit, but it never occurred to me to submit more than one ms to one publisher. It's hard enough to find a "fit" for one ms at a time, for me anyway.

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