Wednesday, December 16, 2009

disappointment again

Someone once defined golf as a long walk punctuated with disappointments. Well, trying to be an author is a lot like that, too. The manuscript that I've been working so hard on, for quite a few years now, has bounced back to me once again. So, Moose Enterprise publisher sent me back my post card saying that if I had sent an envelope big enough, he would have sent a more complete critique. But, as he didn't like it, I don't know if I really want a more complete critique from him. Seems to me I've already been that route with TouchWood Editions.
Next on my list is The Dundurn Group. I had sent it to Moose first (after the local BC houses) because they respond in one month or less. They were true to their word. Coteau Books is also on my list, but they don't want to see children's lit until after May 1st and only up to August 31st. So, if Dundurn turns it down, it'll go to Coteau after that. I have quite a long list of potential publishers in Canada, before I resort to US markets. (I think the story has a better chance in Canada because it is about a historical event in Vancouver: the 1886 fire.) Time for more positive thoughts! (aka prayers!)

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