Tuesday, December 22, 2009

travel count down week 7

Actually week 7 was last Sunday, so we're on our way to week 6. Right now it is, I think, about 40 sleeps until we leave. I've been keeping up with my language study. I'd almost forgotten how to write in Hebrew, even though I hadn't forgotten how to read it. So, I practise reading and writing every evening. I can't speak it, though. I'm trying to build a vocabulary of sorts. It remains to be seen if any of this will be of use when we're in Israel. Unfortunately, I can't read/write a solitary letter of Arabic! I'm sure that would be useful, but I'm not going to tackle that one at this stage. Then there's Italian, of course. I was in Italy in March/April 2008, and used the few words I have while I was there--carrying my phrase book everywhere with me. I'm reviewing my Italian textbook and tapes every evening, too. Luckily there's no cross-over between Italian and Hebrew. I couldn't possibly handle Italian and Spanish at the same time. I mix them up terribly! Can't tell one from the other at all. Good thing I love learning languages. This is fun. For me. I'm told it's not fun for everyone, but then I hate sports and most people love sports. I guess I'm just odd.

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