Tuesday, December 29, 2009

resolutions for 2010

This is a follow-up to two previous blogs: the one about reviewing 2009 and how I blew those resolutions, and the one with advice from the Guide to Literary Agents blogs.
So, dealing with the resolutions I couldn't keep this past year, how can I revive them in such a way as to make them more achievable? (After all, they must be worthwhile, if I tried to commit to them last year.) First: music--Maybe practising the organ every day is unreasonable. But maybe I can try to do a little once a week? How about a weekend "date" with the organ, either Saturday or Sunday or, if I miss those then any other day to make up for it? Let's try that. Second: reading--I wanted to track my reading, ie, take notes on titles and authors and other comments on each book I read. Rather off-putting, isn't it? How about just plain reading. Maybe I could note title and author of the books I especially want to remember. Last year I read the last two books in the Harry Potter series, and reread Anne of Green Gables, and a book by kc dyer titled Ms Zephyr's Notebook, and...some others...including at least one Anne Perry mystery. So, just because I didn't track them doesn't mean I didn't read anything worthwhile. The ones mentioned here were definitely all worthwhile. I could make plans to read particular books next year, but I'd rather not commit to that. Besides the books I've mentioned, I also do quite a lot of research reading. They do get tracked in my bibliography lists for whatever I'm planning to write. The third resolution has to do with writing, which, curiously, was not in last year's resolutions! One of the accomplishments was being a "winner" in NANOWRIMO. It would be nice to do that again! Resolution? No--just "would be nice to do that again". I also had a story published, and that wasn't even a resolution. It was a short story in an anthology: "The Fire" in Below the Canopy published by Polar Bear Expressions. But my middle-grade historical novel, Angels in the Flames, was rejected by two publishers: TouchWood Editions and Moose Enterprise. Can't send it out again until January (ie, a few days away), so I'm going through the manuscript to tweek it a little more. So, for 2010? Obviously, I'd like to get that PUBLISHED. And I should have one (or two) books to go to publishers before December 31, 2010. And some articles published. I wonder if I can have a web page by then? Good goal to strive for. And I think that's enough.

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